what we need


  • Did you already volunteer in Cambodia? If yes tell us about your impression under: MY EXPERIENCE
  • Are you planing to volunteer? Be our agent!!! Go to the form my” EXPERIENCE” fill in form and E-Mail us
  • We need reliable people with computer skills to constantly guide and upgrade our page.
  • Bookkeepers and controllers on suspicious projects
  • Project managers who bring in fresh ideas to make our project work better for the future for the extremely poor and NOÂ future for the scammers and greedy betrayers.
  • Good people to develop a controlled network of honest and reliable organisations in Cambodia and hopefully worldwide in the future.
  • Anyone who has ideas to support and help us to reach this target.
  • We are open for any kind of help, advice and information by anyone who like our project. No names mentioned on request.

Expatiates living in Cambodia NOT INVOLVED with any NGOS for control functions and project visits all over the country.

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