Apache is very sad to verify that Mr CHUT WUTTY, Cambodias best known environmental activist ,was murdered last week in the Cardamon mountains closed to Koh Kong wile investigating illegal logging in protected areas. Since 2005 this brave man fought deforestation and crimes against enviornment in Cambodia. Fearless and consequent he was operating against the wood mafia and the involved government officials for the future of his children and people. Sadly, he was standing nearly alone. The former Soldier had no fear fighting against big corrupted organisations and corrupt government officials. Now he paid the highest price possible. His life. This is a huge loss for the future of Cambodia. This is a huge loss for the whole of this planet.

RIP , friend , our group and supporters are with your family and friends.

A brave man died for his ideals and the future of this Country

May his killers rot in hell.

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