Page for NGOs,NPOs and Charities

All Organisations can register with Apache by mail. Organisations registered here must agree to the following standards:

Every organisation applying must be able to provide bookkeeping at all times. Organisations without transparent bookkeeping CANNOT register with Apache.

Bank accounts must be open for viewing so donors have some kind of control over their funds.

Organisations must be registered somewhere and apply with and reg. date.

Programs and projects must be open for viewing and visiting.

Staff and CEOs must agree to answer every question asked regarding their projects and personal income.

Organisations with mainly missionary targets, for whatever religion, CANNOT register with Apache.

Organisations witch call themselves Orphanages should host mainly Orphans. If not registered and not totally transparent , registration with APACHE is not possible. All incoming and outgoing funds must be open for viewing.

Organisations projects, schools and programs etc. must be open for everyone extremly poor, as poverty does not know religion. The missions and targets should NOT interfere with Khmer culture

If you run a honest organisation , NPO or charity, all this should not be a problem for you.

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