This is the first Person and Organisation that we decided to blacklist here: and run by: Mr. Chinsoka Sokah called SOK located in Siem Reap. Reasons: MANY! As there are: Several different names and web pages for running the same Organisation! Very bad standards for running an Orphanage . Hosting less children as posted. NO qualified staff. Hosting mainly NO orphans. Totally in-transparent. Running different web pages for the same organisation. Connected with Mr. SOKs private business. Double and triple financing. Connected with local corruption. Collecting funds without noticing the mayor sponsors. Fund theft. No government registration number. Running a in-transparent Bank Account in Phnom Penh . Information received through: Apache investigations, information by sponsors and former donors. Apache warns all volunteers , organisations and donors not to waste their urgently needed funds with Mr. CHINSOKA SOKAH`s Organisations. He is using these poor children mainly for his own benefits. If you or your organisation is involved with the activities of this man or knows more about other web pages he is using or any activities of this men and his helpers, please contact us: info(@.) All information will be kept strictly confident. =================================================================== NEW 5.23.2012 The latest candidate we investigated was close to Phnom Penh run by a Mr. Long SOKHA APACHE REASONS FOR BLACKLISTING THIS ORGANISATION: This place is a mess and was investigated by news and others a long time before. It is by our research a total scam to create money to the covered , changing owners. It is hard to find and the web page does not list an address. Stickers and flyers in Hotels and Pensions are the only contact. Operations are absolutely unprofessional and anyone can just walk in and touch any child. The children are mainly NO Orphans and It is run like a ZOO for ignorant photo tourists. The finances are fully in-transparent. THEY EVEN WRITE THIS ON THEIR WEB PAGE. Lighthouse is not registered as an organisation ANYWHERE. There is supposed to be some kind of Christian? background. We cannot verify this, but it does not matter anyway. In NO WAY this organisation provides any kind of good future for these poor children. HANDS OFF! There are much better places to spend your funds. See our RECOMMENDED ORGANISATION or make your own choice. Information collected by : Own research by APACHE team, former volunteers and information on LONELY PLANET postings , Newspaper articles and Phnom Penh expatiates. If you have any more information of this Organisation, please feel free to CONTACT US. ALL INFORMATION IS HANDLED STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL! Sitting Bull Apache Admin ================================================================================================== NEW 6.6.2012 The following Organisations work together and were checked by rather our own staff or like   CUCO   by AL JAZEERA and “open eyed volunteers” We want to hurry and black list them so they can not continue to destroy lives of innocent children. short cuco a criminal organisation lead by a Mr. Sok the support organisations are: APACHE recommends NOT to volunteer for any of the listed organisations and NOT to fund them in any way, as their only reason to exist is to create money for their owner(s) . Information received through AL JAZEERA, FRIENDS and former volunteers of this “organisations” Sitting Bull Apache Admin

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    apache-admin says:

    Another SCAM in SIEM REAP!

    Sponsored by tourists are picked up and delivered to the Angkor Rural children education project( Our `volunteer agents^have observed this organisation and worked there. There is no transparency of finances and all donations go to a private account. The new roof was paid for at least twice by donors. If volunteers want to buy supply, they are carried to places were they are overcharged big time. last year an asian group bought shoes for all children, these dissapered within 3 days! There is no qualified staff to run the school. When asked about this, the ôwner^removed his name from the web page. He would not give his full name to anyone. These are the reasons to blacklist this obscure organisation .

    apache-admin says:

    The newest discovery of criminal Orphanages in Cambodia is

    run by Ruth Golder, an Australian woman. Intransparency, possible human trafficking, beating of children and starving inmates. The “Orphanage“ run like a prison. Discovered by under cover volunteers and run away inmates.
    Please do not work for or finance this criminal organisation.

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